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A Few Words About Us 

At Central Valley Hypnosis and Meditation, I use hypnotic techniques to alter unwanted habits and create new healthier habits. I also help people change their behaviors so they can gain more social interactive abilities and improve their relationships. With hypnosis, the client has the ability to see events in their life from a different perspective, which may help them find more forgiveness and positive beliefs.
I use meditation to help you find the peace and loving kindness you need to live a happy and compassionate life. I also do guided meditations for positive emotional well being and physical pain relief.
Our monthly group meditations have been fulfilling with some very enlightening material. We have meditated on loving kindness, releasing emotional and physical pain and life’s purpose of happiness. We have also had meditations on past lives, conversations with your Higher Power and meditative breathwork.

Our Mission...

​   ​​​​​​​
Central Valley Hypnosis and Meditation has a compassionate determined approach toward a true holistic healing of the body and mind with the use of hypnosis and meditation as the primary modalities. Along with the use of subconscious behavior modification and habit loop reprogramming, using meditation has a means to create a positive self-image, strength in self-efficacy and loving compassion for others. Most of our clients are guided toward using meditative breathwork as a way to alleviate anxieties, fears, habit triggers and urges. We also teach meditation for keeping our spirit balanced and our focus grounded and stable.

The successful changes the client creates brings with it a marvelous and rewarding feeling. There is one idea that “the client has all the tools within themselves, within their sub-conscious mind to make profound change, profound healing” and it is this knowing that compels this company to find ways with hypnotic guided visualization, suggestion and with this alternative healing modalities.

Although there are over one hundred different “things” that hypnosis can change, those can be narrowed down to Habits, Behaviors, and Beliefs. By listening to what the client presents, or defines as their goal concern, with hypnosis, the client follows the suggestions presented by the hypnotist, and the client brings about the changes with those suggestions.

The Road to Peace and Contentment Can be Found with Hypnosis and Meditation


All the feedbacks

  1. I am a beginner when it comes to meditation and hypnosis. Brian put me at ease and made me feel comfortable when I was hypnotized in a group. It is very similar to meditation, but only with slight differences. I came out of it feeling lighter and calmer. I was definitely a satisfied client.
    Jennine B
  2. I found Brian's classes to be very informative and the meditation afterwards to be very helpful in pursuing my goal of happiness. Brian has great techniques for helping the mind be still and being able to fully meditate to open the doors to a healthier way of living and being happy.
    Reverend Keith Clifton
  3. Brian is a highly skilled Hypnosis and Meditation expert. I have, in the past, experienced hypnosis, but was never able to go as deep within myself as I have with Brian's help. His guided meditations are gentle, and help me to move into a state of relaxation profound enough to visualize what he is describing; normally it's not easy for me to do so. I highly recommend experiencing one of Brian's sessions.
    Adrienne B
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